Natural Beauty Alchemy eBook

Make Your Own Organic Cleansers, Creams, Serums, Shampoos, Balms, and More

Recipes for 100+ natural beauty products and help understanding organic ingredients

Natural Beauty Alchemy ebook

If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars looking for the perfect moisturizer, or shampoo, or anti-aging serum, but had no luck, then this book is for you. Written by a licensed pharmacist and expert healthcare professional, it contains not only more than 100 easy, all-natural recipes for face, hair, and body, it will also help you to determine if a store-bought product is truly organic or natural by reviewing and explaining ingredients found in most of them. It’s a comprehensive guide to understanding and making natural beauty products. Author Fifi Maacaron explains the basics, answers questions, and discusses techniques.

Reviews for Natural Beauty Alchemy eBook

…takes the tips, tricks and home remedies we so often like to try, to a whole new level, with over a hundred recipes for natural beauty products.” — Pride “…it’s the simplicity of Natural Beauty Alchemy that inspires me to be more adventurous with skincare-I can’t wait to try the homemade face cream. Thanks to Maacaron, I’m a natural beauty convert.


I just loved reading the book. It is clear and concise. The items needed to make the products can be found in any supermarket and the directions are easy!
A well written Book!

About the Author

Fifi Maacaron is a trained pharmacist, uniquely qualified to design natural and effective beauty products. She has spent three years creating, testing, and perfecting the formulas in her book. Maacaron lives in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and Beirut, Lebanon, adding a truly international range to her recipes.

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