Do You Know The Signs of Beauty ?

These characteristics are for centuries been considered as signs of beauty, which does not mean that you are not a beauty if you possess none of the following beauty signs. Real beauty comes from the inside anyway, and women who do have one of these marks are most of the time not happy with it.

It’s very important to feel beautiful about what you think and what you do. Every day you do many things that prove your excellence and beauty. Unfortunately, not everyone can notice and value this huge advantage. If you can speak foreign languages, then you’re also beautiful, because this special skill can broaden your mind and develop a new vision of the world.

Signs of beauty that one may or may not have

  1. A mole above the lip

    A beauty mark above the lip or polka dot is something you could almost call the trademark of supermodel Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe.

  2. Light eyes and dark hair

    Light eyes and dark hair-beautyOr just the opposite: dark eyes with light blonde hair. These are combinations that do not occur frequently. Black hair and light blue or light green eyes is a classic combination, and often provides a cool look.

  3. Freckles

    Freckles-Signs-of-BeautyThe funny thing is that many people with freckles dislike them; maybe it helps if they know that it is one of the seven beauty signs.

  4. Venus Dimples

    lower-back-dimplesOr dimples in your lower back. Some say it’s genetic and some say it can achieved with exercise, although I’m not certain about both, they just one of the signs of beauty.

  5. Dimples

    Dimples-smiling-beautyDimples always appear when smiling and they are cute and attractive for women as well for men . There are even quotes about dimples so you are one of the lucky ones if you have them.

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